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My name is Katie J. and I am a young zoologist. I have been working in the San Juan Islands as a naturalist since 2001 and it has provided me with experiences that are absolutely invaluable. Being a naturalist and photographer has taught me so much about, not only nature, but the interesting and complex relationships people have with our planet. In addition to living and working in the San Juans, I have also done research on humpback whales in Hawaii, cohabited with gray whales in Mexico, and cared for injured and orphaned wildlife in Alaska. The San Juans are home, but there is a great wide world out there and much more to discover. Everywhere I go I receive inspiration not only from the land and sea, but from the many different animals I am fortunate enough to meet and greet. My biggest and most humble hope is that my photography will inspire others to take care of our fragile earth and all the creatures that call this planet 'home'.